CannabisBPO is happy to announce that our VP of Strategy, Marshall Ogen, is participating as a mentor in Rider University’s sociology course examining U.S. Drug Policies through marijuana legalization. 

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As part of an upperclassman course, students at Rider University in New Jersey are conducting a study that examines the state’s potential legalization of marijuana in association with the advancement of social equity aims. As NJ residents prepare to vote this November on a constitutional amendment that would legalize cannabis, students gear up for a semester-long project that will dive into understanding reparative justice for those who have been criminalized by the War on Drugs. While we’re unsure what New Jersey and other neighboring states will do, we do our best to stay educated on each state’s policy regarding medicinal vs. recreational usage to better serve our clients nationwide. Marshall Ogen, CannabisBPO’s VP of Strategy (an alum of Rider University), is participating in the virtual classroom as a mentor.  He has coordinated a series of guest speakers and will impart his industry knowledge and insights regarding the cannabis industry and the plant’s widespread benefits over the course of an entire semester.

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