In today’s episode of Conversations with cannabisBPO, CEO Dan Berman interviews Leah Heise, CEO and Founder of Gemini Twin Consulting, LLC and Constellation Advisor at Kearney. With over 8 years of experience, Leah has driven corporate expansion processes in the cannabis industry, specializing in transformative change, scalability, and market engagement.

Leah excels in structuring business frameworks that identify crucial improvements and needs within companies, leading transformative efforts to expand into new regional markets. Her expertise extends to creating compliant businesses amidst complex legal regulations and converting big ideas into practical development plans for rapid revenue generation.

She ensures that financial, legal, and corporate development considerations are taken into account, resulting in profitable and sustainable expansion plans. Leah’s experience in steering technical operations makes her well-versed in transforming cannabis practices for new markets, including cultivation, processing, transportation, retail, and delivery.

With her drive to accomplish more, Leah continues to design productivity improvement strategies and supervise cross-functional teams at the C-Suite and fractional C-Suite levels. Her analytical nature enables her to make critical decisions, assess risk severity, and ensure deliverables meet or exceed expectations with safety and reliability as top priorities.

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