By Marshall Ogen, VP of Business Strategy CannabisBPO

In the ever-evolving landscape of the cannabis industry, a transformation is underway, driven by seniors aged 65 and older. With their engagement witnessing a remarkable surge of 75%, seniors can become a pivotal target for retail models that adopt a tailored contact center strategy. This strategy aims not only to cater to traditional demographics but also to seniors, recognizing their unique preferences. Understanding these preferences is important, as the senior market holds substantial untapped potential for cannabis organizations.

Recent industry insights underscore that seniors are not simply testing the waters of the cannabis market; they are actively making substantial investments as consumers, and this trend is on a continuous rise. In legal cannabis states, seniors are spending an average of $130 per month on their chosen cannabis products. This presents a financial opportunity for cannabis companies that develop strategies that focus upon this demographic’s distinctive customer service needs.

Beyond the monthly spend, the senior market has another advantage – a strong sense of customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals when serviced in a manner that resonates with them. Loyalty is a foundational pillar of business success, and seniors are inherently inclined toward it. Impressively, 75% of senior consumers exhibit brand loyalty once they find a cannabis product or provider that aligns with their unique requirements. Moreover, this loyalty extends beyond personal consumption; an impressive 66% of senior consumers are also enthusiastic about recommending trusted cannabis products or providers to their social circles. This dynamic presents ample opportunities for revenue growth and an increased market share.

Within this landscape, CannabisBPO‘s specialized cannabis contact center services emerge as a key to unlocking the senior market. Surprisingly, a significant 68% of seniors aged 65 and older express a distinct preference for phone-based customer service. This inclination towards phone-based interactions is more than mere convenience; it reflects the necessity for personalized exchanges that transcend the realm of ordinary transactions.

Drawing inspiration from the hospitality sector’s success in catering to high-end travelers, we can see the value of a contact center strategy tailored to address the unique demands of a specific customer profile. Resorts introduced concierge services that transcended conventional customer support, focusing on personalized experiences, and addressing intricate inquiries. The result? Enhanced customer loyalty, the cultivation of brand ambassadors, and ultimately, amplified revenue and customer base growth. Similarly, the cannabis industry holds the same potential with the senior market, provided they are serviced with precision, the right strategy and medium – the phone.

Another rationale for seniors favoring phone commerce over dispensary visits is difficult navigation associated with public spaces or possibly driving. Additionally, a contact center solution offers a pathway for comprehensive product information and guidance delivered in the individual senior’s preferred communication method. This is why the right phone/online strategy in tandem with delivery is favorable for many. For other seniors, this approach also signifies a time-efficient and discreet means of accessing cannabis products and services.

CannabisBPO‘s specialized contact center services are uniquely poised to cater to the distinct needs of various customer demographics, including seniors. Armed with an in-depth understanding of the cannabis market, customer and patient journeys, the intricacies of the cannabis plant, and the indications improved through cannabis usage, we empower retailers to effectively engage the senior cannabis market in tandem with their traditional customer base. By harmonizing with seniors’ distinct communication preferences, offering comprehensive guidance, and fostering an unparalleled standard of service, CannabisBPO‘s specialized team is primed to drive revenue growth and foster customer loyalty within the fastest-growing segment of cannabis consumers.

Marshall Ogen is the Vice President of Business Strategy at CannabisBPO and has nearly 30 years of experience in outsourced contact centers, and quality assurance, having consulted with many of the world’s most recognizable brands to ensure successful customer engagement activities. He is a strategic advisor to the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association, a former member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) Marketing and Advertising Committee, and the former co-chair of the Mid-Atlantic Professional Association of Customer Experience (PACE). He is a member and contributing author to Rolling Stone Magazine Culture Council (cannabis) and an adjunct professor teaching a cannabis-specific curriculum at Rider University.

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