In today’s episode of Conversations with CannabisBPO, CEO Dan Berman interviews Kieve Huffman, Founder at Engager Global & PLANT Entrepreneurial Institute. Kieve has over 25 years of experience in building businesses and creating new brands and products in music, cannabis, and tech. In his career, he’s founded three cannabis companies including PROHBTD Media and Engager Brands that worked on over 60 different brand projects and launched brands into the US, Canada, Mexico and Peru.

As a recognized expert in cannabis and psychedelics branding, he leverages his deep experience and network in the cannabis and music industries to bring a unique and global approach to creating authentic and engaging lifestyle brands. He is also the co-founder and board member of Heavy Brands, a leading cannabis brand that combines music and culture. His past achievements include co-founding PROHBTD Media, a market-leading cannabis media company, and growing the digital business at Sony BMG by 250 times as its GM of Digital for North America. He is passionate about helping cannabis and psychedelics brands win over the long haul.