CannabisBPO, the leading contact center solutions provider for the cannabis industry, announces that Nima Veiseh has been appointed to the company’s advisory board.  Mr. Veiseh holds a B.S from MIT, master’s from both Columbia University and Georgetown University and is a doctoral researcher at George Washington University. Within the Cannabis sector, he has been working on advanced analytics research to improve the growing techniques related to lighting for indoor facilities.

“One of the many things we’ve learned in the Pharmaceutical industry over the last 15 years is that data is king. Data tells us stories and gives us maps to plan our business,” said Dan Berman, CEO of CannabisBPO. “Finding these hidden insights is of very high value for the Pharmaceutical industry, and we are seeing the same need in the Cannabis Industry. Having Nima Veiseh on our advisory board gives CannabisBPO that extra level of real-world and big-data insight. Nimah’s impressive background and education bring a much-needed component to CannabisBPO and the cannabis industry. Plus, he is our first Board member who has a TED Talk!”

Mr. Veiseh researches and solves problems at the intersection of technology, economics, and public policy.  His focus on sustainability and public good leads him to find answers to questions about how people can prioritize investment as a society in the infrastructure and industries that will provide long-term sustainable growth for communities and countries.  Currently, he has six publications, containing three patents.

Mr. Veiseh’s diverse background has taken him from the boardroom to the art studio.  He has worked as a finance and technology consultant for asset managers for Fortune 500 companies. Nima is also an accomplished artist, with galleries in both Savanah, GA and New York City.

Nima’s painting explores the dynamic nature of memory and its reflection of the human condition. His process is enabled by Hyperthymesia, an extremely rare condition of having highly superior memory — an anomaly affecting 50 people worldwide, where he remembers every day of his life like film since the age of 15.

According to Marshall Ogen, Vice President, Business Strategy at CannabisBPO “Nima brings a perspective to our organization and clients that is truly unique. Due to his robust and diverse background, he evaluates opportunities from a unique and often game-changing position.”

To learn more about Nima visit his website at or connect with him on LinkedIn by clicking here.

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CannabisBPO is a specialty provider of contact center services for the cannabis industry. With locations in Canada and the US, the company offers outbound and inbound contact center services in a 24/7 setting. The company’s core service channels are text, email, mail, phone, chat and social media for customer service, sales, and technical support projects. CannabisBPO helps cannabis companies drive revenue and mitigate risks.


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