CannabisBPO CEO, Dan Berman had the opportunity to participate at the 2018 CannaTech Conference. CannaTech is a one-of-a-kind event. It’s a place where it showcases sharp presentations from cannabis industry thought-leaders famous for their groundbreaking and massive contributions to the worldwide cannabis market. The event presents unprecedented and high-level networking opportunity for deal flow.

The CannaTech Conference was recently held last March 18th to the 21st in Tel Aviv, Israel. Thought leaders led workshops in the fields of finance, agriculture, technology innovation, medicine, research & science, and government policy all with a focus on medical cannabis. The conference was a wonderful showcase into the groundbreaking and significant contributions in all of such fields.

Representatives from forty (40) different nations participated in the not-so-traditional CannaTeach conference experience. The gathering was made to offer a wide-angle lens on the whole global industry. Dan assuredly left with increased expertise from investment to global regulation.

Dan commented, “By definition, people who attend CannaTech are serious. It’s a long flight to a foreign country that is in the news a lot for not-so-great reasons. The content, the setting, and the people make this an extraordinary conference. Israel is at the epicenter of Cannabis research, and CannaTech is the forum to hear and meet many of these thought leaders from Israel and from around the world. CannaTech was one of my best investments in time and money to further my cannabis business expertise.”

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CannaTech had a wide array of speakers in all possible cannabis related fields. Attendees desiring a more comprehensive look into the specific field could attend the master class series as an add-on. The university-level courses were taught by some of the industry giants and limited to 120 individuals per class.

In three years, CannaTech has become the most sought-after international cannabis event of its kind. American companies, like CannabisBPO, attended CannaTech 2018 in record numbers. Dan Berman is proud that he attended the event, knowing how much influence it will have on the company’s performance.

About Cannabis BPO:

CannabisBPO is a specialty provider of contact center services for the cannabis industry. With locations in Canada and the US, the company offers outbound and inbound contact center services in 24/7 setting. The company’s core service channels are text, email, mail, phone, chat and social media for customer service, sales, and technical support projects. CannabisBPO helps cannabis companies drive revenue and mitigate risks.


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