By Marshall Ogen, VP of Business Strategy CannabisBPO

In the fiercely competitive cannabis industry, delivering outstanding customer service is crucial for achieving success. As the demand for cannabis products and services continues to rise, cannabis companies face the challenge of maintaining high customer satisfaction while efficiently managing their operations. It all comes down to a simple concept: cannabis companies lack expertise in building contact centers, just as contact centers lack expertise in cultivating cannabis. However, combining the strengths of both creates satisfied customers who become loyal brand advocates. This is where outsourcing contact center operations to a specialized partner can make a significant difference. By exploring compelling statistics and case study data, we can witness the tangible results achieved by outsourcing contact center operations to CannabisBPO, as we are a contact center provider that specializes in cannabis.

One of the key advantages of partnering with CannabisBPO is gaining access to specialized expertise. Our industry experts possess in-depth knowledge of the cannabis landscape, regulations, and consumer preferences. This expertise translates into improved customer interactions, accurate information dissemination, and effective handling of compliance-related concerns.

Scalability and flexibility are vital factors for cannabis companies to adapt to fluctuating customer demands. By outsourcing contact center operations, businesses can efficiently allocate resources and ensure prompt and efficient customer support. In a case study, CannabisBPO achieved a 60% reduction in abandon rate compared to the client’s previous internal operation, in addition to a 40% reduction in overall contact center spend. These numbers demonstrate the cost efficiencies and optimization achieved through specialized expertise. This improvement is a testament to the scalability and flexibility of outsourcing, enabling businesses to provide seamless customer experiences and reduce customer wait times. Moreover, this client case study also revealed an 8% increase in Customer Satisfaction scores compared to their previous internal operation.

Outsourcing contact center operations also allows dispensary staff to focus on their core responsibilities, such as providing personalized recommendations, product education, and creating exceptional in-person experiences for customers. Studies have shown that personalized customer experiences can result in revenue increases of up to 15%. By empowering dispensary staff to concentrate on face-to-face interactions, cannabis companies can maximize revenue potential and achieve higher customer satisfaction. With a specialized team, additional revenue capture can also happen within the contact center, as we achieved an 11% increase in revenue per call for a client after outsourcing their contact center operations to CannabisBPO.

The financial benefits of outsourcing contact center operations cannot be overlooked. Establishing and maintaining an in-house contact center can be financially burdensome for cannabis companies. However, outsourcing to a specialized partner eliminates capital expenditures and operational expenses associated with an in-house setup. This enables companies to achieve a higher return on investment (ROI). By reallocating financial resources from contact center operations to core business areas, cannabis companies can optimize their operations, improve profitability, and achieve a higher ROI.

Investing in superior customer service not only fosters customer loyalty but also drives revenue growth. Customers who have a positive experience are more likely to become repeat customers, leading to increased sales and higher revenue. In fact, statistics show that businesses with a strong focus on customer experience outperform their competitors by a significant margin. On average, companies that prioritize customer experience achieve a revenue growth rate of 17%, while those that neglect it only see a growth rate of 3%. This stark contrast highlights the direct correlation between exceptional customer service and financial success.

Furthermore, the power of positive word-of-mouth cannot be underestimated. Customers who have a positive experience are likely to share their satisfaction with an average of 9 people, contributing to positive word-of-mouth marketing and potential new customers. Conversely, customers who have a negative experience are inclined to share their dissatisfaction with an average of 16 people, potentially deterring new customers and damaging the company’s reputation.

The success stories of CannabisBPO’s clients further validate the effectiveness of outsourcing contact center operations. For one cannabis client, CannabisBPO designed a customer survey and win-back campaign targeting customers who had not ordered in 60-120 days. The results were outstanding, with 19% of customers placing an order and a substantial 14.6% increase in the average monthly spend. This program achieved a 297% program ROI, demonstrating the positive impact of targeted campaigns in driving customer re-engagement and revenue growth.

Similarly, CannabisBPO developed an email and calling welcome program for a mid-sized cannabis client, resulting in a 16% increase in conversion and a 12% increase in average monthly spend. This program achieved a 145% program ROI, highlighting the significant returns that can be achieved through personalized welcome initiatives.

In summary, outsourcing contact center operations to specialized partners like CannabisBPO offers numerous advantages to cannabis companies. It provides access to specialized expertise, scalability, flexibility, cost efficiency, and, ultimately, exceptional customer service. The compelling statistics and case study data showcase the tangible results achieved through outsourcing, including reduced costs, increased revenue, improved customer satisfaction, and positive word-of-mouth. By leveraging the power of outsourcing, cannabis companies can optimize their operations, drive success in a highly competitive industry, and create long-lasting customer loyalty. The key to success lies in partnering with experts who understand the unique needs of the cannabis industry and possess the know-how to deliver exceptional customer experiences. With CannabisBPO as a trusted partner, cannabis companies can thrive in the evolving landscape, maximize their potential, and cultivate a loyal customer base that propels their growth.

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Marshall Ogen is the Vice President of Business Strategy at CannabisBPO and has nearly 30 years of experience in outsourced contact centers, and quality assurance, having consulted with many of the world’s most recognizable brands to ensure successful customer engagement activities. He is a strategic advisor to the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association, a former member of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) Marketing and Advertising Committee, and the former co-chair of the Mid-Atlantic Professional Association of Customer Experience (PACE). He is a member and contributing author to Rolling Stone Magazine Culture Council (cannabis) and an adjunct professor teaching a cannabis-specific curriculum at Rider University.