In this video, Riley Cote, Co-Founder of Athletes For CARE, NHL Alumni & Advisor at Wake Network, sat down with our CEO and Founder, Dan Berman, to discuss the evolution of cannabis through Cote’s career as a professional athlete, including his unique cannabis advocacy journey and his profound passion for sports, athlete health, and self-healing.

CannabisBPO is the cannabis industry’s first contact center provider with deep roots in the pharmaceutical space through our sister company PharmaCentra. CannabisBPO is a 24/7 multilingual contact center provider with operations in the US and Canada. Founded by former professional athletes, Athletes for Care is uniting athletes as one voice to advocate for research, education, and compassion when addressing important health issues. A4C is the only non-profit organization empowering legendary athletes from every sport to use their influence to improve global standards of health, safety and quality of life for athletes of all ages. Cote is an Athletes For Care co-founder and the NHL League Ambassador, a role that allows him to continue pursuing his passion to help athletes find safe nontoxic ways to find relief, manage pain and guide them to understand self-healing.


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