Dan Berman, CEO of PharmaCentra, Concentra Solutions, and CannabisBPO explores how a person’s unique genetic makeup influences his or her response to medications and the use of cannabis with Len May, CEO/Co-Founder of Endocanna Health, and the podcast host of “Everything is Personal”.

CannabisBPO is the cannabis industry’s first contact center provider with deep roots in the pharmaceutical space through our sister company PharmaCentra. CannabisBPO is a 24/7 multilingual contact center provider with operations in the US and Canada. Len May is a Certified Medical Cannabis Specialist with 25 years of cannabis- related experience, and is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Endocanna Health, a Bio-Science Technology company and the parent company of Endo DNA, and the podcast host of “Everything is Personal”. May was president of the Cannabis Action Network, and a lifetime board member of the California Cannabis Association as well as the Association of Cannabis Specialists.