February 15, 2022 – Americus, GA – CannabisBPO, a specialty provider of contact center solutions for the cannabis industry is pleased to announce the addition of Nikki Lawley, LPN to its Advisory Board.  Nikki is a prominent cannabis patient advocate, who through her own personal journey with cannabis, helps educate others on the medicinal uses of cannabis.


Marshall Ogen, Vice President of Business Strategy, CannabisBPO says, “the CannabisBPO story started in the healthcare and life sciences sector and Nikki has a strong background in these areas.  Additionally, she brings value to our organization and to our clients that are migrating toward engaging directly with the medical sector regarding cannabinoid therapy.   Lastly, CannabisBPO has a strong focus on advocacy, and Nikki is a great team member to help advocate for the plant and patients in need.”


Nikki’s story has been featured across the cannabis industry and beyond. Imagine having your entire life change in an instant. Nikki Lawley was an active pediatric nurse who during routine vaccination, a child, frightened by needles head butted Lawley as she was restraining him from behind while another nurse attempted to vaccinate.  Nikki was hit frontally and then bounced off a plaster wall and back into the patient’s head in a significant whiplash motion.  This traumatic brain injury (TBI) changed her life forever. The impact was so severe that there was immediate left arm paralysis and weakness along with severe head and neck pain.  Confusion, disorientation, and vision issues occurred at the same time. That was the last day she was able to work in her chosen profession.


When conventional treatments, medications, and tests aggravated her symptoms, and desperate for relief, she eventually turned to medical cannabis out of desperation rather than it being presented as an option for treatment. Cannabis gave Nikki Lawley much of her life back, and a new purpose, to lend her voice and story to advocate for others.


You can learn more about Nikki and her journey at Nikki and the Plant. Additionally, CannabisBPO’s CEO, Dan Berman will be hosting an upcoming video conversation with Nikki to have her share her story and discuss advocacy issues regarding the cannabis sector.


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Kim Christmas

VP of Human Resources & CCO