Watch this video to discover CannabisBPO, the first ever 24/7 contact center providing customized customer solutions to meet the needs of the cannabis industry! CannabisBPO’s live chat services allow your customer’s journey to continue when your dispensary doors close! See how CannabisBPO’s services can Cultivate Brand Loyalty, Grow Your Sales, Enhance Customer Experience, and Prune Away Your Ever-Expanding Competition!

About CannabisBPO

CannabisBPO is a specialty provider of contact center services for the cannabis industry. With locations in Canada and the US, the company offers outbound and inbound contact center services in a 24/7 setting. The company’s core service channels are text, email, mail, phone, chat and social media for customer service, sales, and technical support projects. CannabisBPO helps cannabis companies drive revenue and mitigate risks.

We know contact centers. We know cannabis.

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Media Contact

Kim Christmas, CannabisBPO, VP of Human Resources and CCO • 678.671.2019